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NetApp Disk Drives, Controllers & Shelves

 NetApp Disk Drives NetApp Disk Drives Controllers
NetApp Disk Storage Systems

NetApp disk shelves and storage media provide flexibility, reliability, and cross-platform efficiency.

Instock offers a range of Netapp storage media, from high-capacity to high-performing disk drives, including self-encrypting drives that are state of the art and use solid state technology, or in other words, no moving parts, and less chance of data loss.

While most vendors of networked storage are still transitioning SAS drives into their product lines, NetApp has already come out with 4 generations of SAS products, the latest one being the DS4486 disk shelf.

The NetApp Virtual Storage Tier promotes live data to flash media in real time without delay and leaves the original copy of the data on the disk product. By doing it this way, you are improving performance and reduciong your cost, all while taking a safer approach to backing up your data and the space used.

The NetApp family of disk shelves delivers:

  • Enterprise-class resiliency and availability
  • Flexibility to use across FAS and V-Series storage systems
  • Nondisruptive controller upgrades, protecting your investment
  • Industry leading storage efficiency with the NetApp Data ONTAP operating system


Here at InStock, all of our NetApp products are tested in their native environment and guaranteed to work the first time. Whether you are buying used or refurbisshed, or having your equipment repaired by our skilled technicians, you can rest assured that your equipment is in good hands.

Get the NetApp disk drives, controllers and shelves your data center needs fast from InStock! We carry all of the NetApp parts you need to keep your data backup safe and secure. Call the InStock today at 877-786-2533. We carry - in stock and ready to ship:

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NetApp FAS2040 Disk Storage

Fabric Attached Storage (FAS)


Fibre Channel NetApp 3140 Disk Storage


NetApp X272B-R5 Disk Drive


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